Boost Your Blogging: Add Vine to Your Website

A huge thanks to the infinitely brilliant from whom this information came (plus the ability to auto-mute). Check out more of her brilliance on her website!

Are you looking for an original way to do product reviews or placements on your website or blog?
Check out how Julie Nowell at is using vine to review sponsored products from Kraft, Softsoap and more!

And you can do it too using these easy steps:

  • Take a video using Vine and tweet the video from within Vine
  • Go to and find your tweet – grab the vine code from the tweet (you can see it below just under my name!)How to find the vine code from Twitter
  • Copy and paste the following code into your website (remove the /card?mute=1 if you do NOT want your video to be auto-muted)

<p><iframe src=”
“width=”100%” height=”100%” frameborder=”0″></iframe></p>

  • Replace the red part of the url with the Vine url that showed up when you tweeted your video.
  • Change the width and height to adjust the size of the display in % (as above) or in pixels (don’t use % sign) eg. width=”300″ height=”300″
  • Place the video in a text widget in your sidebar, or simply embed in a post!