Boost Your Blogging: Google Fonts Plugin

Does your website suffer from a case of boring font-itis? I mean, you have a great website built on a lovely template, but you are limited to using only a certain number of web safe fonts (insert a yawn here…..)
Well, we might have a solution for you to take your fonts from blah to WOW (and best of all – no coding required!).

Introducing The Google Fonts Plugin for WordPress….

The “WP Google Fonts” plugin makes it easy to add high quality fonts (100’s of em and growing!) to your WordPress website. The plugin installs all the code necessary and gives you an easy to use interface in your WP admin dashboard. So no more depending on your web developer to change the CSS code, because the Google Fonts plugin does this all for you! Can we hear a WOOT! So no more excuses people, I don’t want to see excessive use of Arial anymore!