Terry Tan

I was thrilled to work with this amazing not-for-profit child care center based in Toronto, Canada. Their HTML website has not been updated since the 1980’s and needed to be brought into the modern age. We built the new site on WordPress and helped with a new logo and identity – something young, fun and fresh!


Louise Green

Louise Green is the owner of Body Exchange Canada and is single-handedly redefining what being fit looks like. With high demand for her to speak at conferences, a new home fitness DVD and a book in the works, Louise needed to bring her own personal brand online. We worked together to capture her firey spirit, provide a place to write and a place for her to sell her online goods.


Good Night Sleep Site

I worked with Julie Nowell of Three Chicken Consulting on this complete overhaul and re-branding of Good Night Sleep Site. Alanna’s team was growing like crazy and she needed the infrastructure to support it. We built a multi site platform so that all of her licensees had their own website but with a consistent look and feel.