Hot Apps: Fiverr

Looking for someone to update your webpage?
Or perhaps create a video about your business while dressed as a hot dog?
Or to do some copywriting for your site
And you are on a tight, tight budget (like 5 dollars?)

Let us introduce you to Fiverr!

And what is Fiverr you ask? Well, quite simply, everything offered on the site is five bucks (well, starts at $5 – just like your local dollar store rarely actually sells anything for a dollar these days). Billed as “The World’s Largest Marketplace For Small Services”, you can find just about anything on this site. You may even just want to cruise the site for a giggle, as you will be amazed at what some people will offer for 5 bucks.

I haven’t given Fiverr a try myself yet, but am planning to hire someone to do some copywriting and captioning very soon. Some trusted friends in the biz have used Fiverr with great success thus far so that has quieted my inner critic somewhat. Fiverr offers customer protection and a good review and rating system so you should feel comfortable about the people you give your $5 (or more) to!

And for those of you looking to make a buck (or five) then offer your services on Fiverr, every booked gig lands $4 in your pocket!

** Ms Pixel hasn’t yet used the services on Fiverr and has gotten mixed reviews from those who have. Basically the feedback is “you get what you pay for” **