Let’s Get Social: A Sample Social Media Schedule

One of the complaints about social media that we hear the most often here at MIM is that it “takes too much time” and that “there is too much to manage”. Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you stay organized and use a few handy tools to help you out along the way…..

Each Day:

  • Check Twitter via a program like HootSuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck. Respond to all DMs and @replies that make sense (ie. are not spam). Make sure to give your new followers a little love!
  • Check your Facebook Page for questions and comments and respond when necessary.
  • Scan Google Alerts for brand and company mentions. Respond as appropriate.

Once a week:

  • Build Twitter Favorite Lists to better organize ongoing discussions and special interest groups. Set up saved searches in Hootsuite to find out if people are talking about you or your company.
  • (Sunday Night) Schedule tweets through HootSuite to go out three times per day at regular intervals. If scheduling gets you down, then use Timely, which will queue your tweets for you!!
  • Check LinkedIn. Reply to emails and comments when appropriate.
  • Catch up on LinkedIn discussions. Add to discussions where appropriate.
  • Check out cool resources like Copyblogger, Techilicious or Kim Garst.com to keep up to date with new trends, products and tools
  • Identify new social networking influencers and build relationships where appropriate. We like to check out who follows the people we really love on Twitter and start following them!
  • Check traffic at your blog or website using Google Analytics

A few times a week:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: check out what conversations or hashtags are trending and join in on Twitter, and if appropriate, and add new content to Facebook (new items you are selling, photos, discounts and other promotions).
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Respond to any comments posted on your blog

Once a month:

  • Try “Friend or Follow” – a neat little site that will show you who you are following who is not following you back and vice versa