Tech Tidbits: QR Codes

I fancy myself a bit of a techie and yet I will admit to scratching my head when in comes to QR codes so I was happy to have a little sit down with Natalie McClendon of Help Me Natalie to discuss exactly what QR Codes are and how they can help even the smallest of businesses.

First off, they stand for “Quick Response Codes” : )

QR codes are black & white 2 dimensional bar codes that smart phone users scan to gain access to information.  Businesses are now using QR Codes everywhere to promote their websites like grocery store shelves, to airports, to business cards.

Typically a QR Code takes a mobile phone user to only one destination; a website. To date, businesses have had to obtain several QR Codes to promote different elements of their business such as their Social Media links, promotions, maps..etc…

However, there is a new sheriff in town called the “Ultimate QR Code” where you can do it all with just ONE CODE!

Scan this code to see how it works!

When a user scans your new Ultimate QR Code they will be shown several buttons on their smartphone that will link to all the different aspects of your business such as your website, email, phone, maps, coupons, facebook page, twitter account and MORE!

Best of all you have 24 hour access to your QR Code back office where you can make changes at any time and you can  include your logo in the middle of your QR code to solidify your brand, and fully tracking where your QR Code was scanned – how great is that?

For more information about the Ultimate QR Code please visit You can try out this new QR Code system completely FREE for 14 days.

And for all you smart cookies who work affiliate programs out there – there are also opportunities to become an affiliate for this system!